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Monday, April 14, 2014

Origins of Power Girl

In the early stages of her career Power Girl (AKA Tanya Danielle) demonstrates the type of hubris that can only lead to a downfall. "Arrogance is blindness." her superiors warn repeatedly. Power Girl lacks sufficient experience and insight to even partially comprehend this cautionary statement. She flexes her muscles unnecessarily, enters rooms with brusque indifference for the other occupants, and pilots her hydroplane in an absurdly aggressive fashion. "You are no better than a human when you conduct yourself in this manner!" one of Power Girl's closest advisors cries out in exasperation. This provokes only a reaction of snide indifference. Circumstances nearly destroy Power Girl soon afterward. Within weeks the svelte, blonde superheroine finds herself inside the lair of notorious ubervillainess Bat Girl (AKA Summer Cummings), restrained only by the viselike grip of her abductress. Power Girl musters every last ounce of strength but, to her immense chagrin, cannot break free. Bat Girl laughs with glee and quickly strips Power Girl naked before binding her wrist to ankle with coarse, white ropes. A hideous, heretofore unparalleled campaign of degradation follows. Years from now, when Power Girl reflects on the turning points of her life, she will remember this lurid encounter as the episode which chastened her forever, forcing her to become a resolute, noble crimefighter who always puts the needs of others before her own. For the moment, however, she can only cringe in terror and shriek helplessly as Bat Girl shaves all the hair off her superheroine pussy and then decorates the exposed flesh with huge, burning globs of hot liquid. Minutes seem to extend into hours as tender epidermis sizzles. Through the pain Power Girl sees Bat Girl reaching for yet another implement of demonic torture..

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Iced Blonde Cake

International fugitive Goldie Blair has lived on the fringes of society for years, travelling as inconspicuously as possible and never staying in one place for long. Circumstances lead her to the isolated mountain community of Idyllwild, California in early 2014. During a few lazy mornings at a local coffee shop she observes a cluster of tourists who have rented two large cabins in the vicinity. On Goldie's last day of reconnaissance the shop owner offers her a free selection from an absolutely delectable array of homemade pastries. Goldie regretfully declines the mouthwatering offer - she has work to do. Within an hour she is breaking into one of the vacation cabins, confident that the current group of lessees have already departed for a lake excursion and left most of their valuables behind. To her astonishment she finds one of them sleeping on a couch. The words "Iced Blonde Cake" pop unbidden into her mind as she stares at the lithe, luscious form of the woman before her. Temptation and hunger swirl against one another, creating a type of vertigo. Goldie's head spins while her insides melt. The dozing lady's skin has the soft consistency of white velvet cake. Her soft, blonde hair cascades over large, succulent breasts and an impossibly slim waistline. "I will eat her alive.." Goldie declares in a clipped but luxurious British accent..

Iced Blonde Cake stars Goldie Blair and Tanya Danielle. This topless softcore movie features handcuffs, rope bondage, lesbian domination, belly worship, baby oil, struggling, and breast worship. Co-produced by PG. Watch Iced Blonde Cake at now!


Saturday, February 01, 2014

Tanya's Self-Bondage

Tanya Danielle is waiting for her Master to arrive..

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sick Planet - Part 1

Wonderboy ejaculates a huge load all over the rickety table. He stares at his Aunt Virtue in shocked disbelief as the afterglow from their mutual orgasms quickly fades into oblivion. A naked lightbulb in the dim room flickers off and on, emphasizing both the instability of their circumstances and the uncertainty of the future. "Wonderboy, untie me!" Virtue commands her nephew. He gazes at her glistening, disrobed form, unable or unwilling to compose himself and release her from bondage. Still semi-erect, his cock bobs up and down in rhythm with his heavy, ragged breathing. "Chris!" Virtue screams at him, hoping her use of his Earthling name will jerk him back to reality. Only his cock responds. Virtue watches with a mixture of horror and fascination as it becomes rock solid once again and a drop of pre-cum spills from the head of it. With renewed vigor the stunning, blonde superheroine struggles against her ropes. Will she escape this sordid predicament? Or will her nephew inflict yet another lust-filled frenzy of incestuous sin upon her body??

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

628 Residence Hotel

She seemed determined to pursue her plans but remained vague about the details involved. I hoped that she would stay in touch or possibly even return someday. Despite her obvious independence and resourcefulness she had a sense of vulnerability about her, something which indicated that she felt very alone. Her lack of family, close friends, or even a job where anyone knew her real name made her a missing person long before she ever went missing. For a few weeks after her departure she phoned sporadically and discussed her latest experiences in the new city. Eventually the calls stopped. Years passed. Her presence loomed larger and larger in my mind, especially as my health began to fail. I made a pilgrimmage of sorts to the West Coast. In my wallet I carried an old piece of paper on which, during a late-night conversation, I had scribbled the name of a building and a street address. Upon arrival the structure looked just as I had come to envision it, dreary and forbidding. An old man returning from a nearby convenience store regarded me with suspicion. His eyes widened when I began describing the rather nebulous purpose of my visit. The information had a visceral effect on him. Silence descended while he tried to compose himself. I turned my gaze elsewhere as he struggled, not really seeing my surroundings. "Always had a feeling that someday someone would come looking for her.." he said at last. Tears sprang to his eyes. "Damn shame what happened to that girl.. Damned shame.. "

628 Residence Hotel features Tanya Danielle in classic, damsel-in-distress white rope bondage. Watch this glowing epic at now!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dark Justice

The High Priestess of the Superheroine Sisterhood, Lady Diana (played by Anastasia Pierce), ascended to her position after centuries in the trenches of the most venal planets in the solar system. Her experience with Earth and its inhabitants remains somewhat limited. She has scant interest in the current population of humans and patiently awaits the inevitable self-destruction of all but a very small minority of them. Only superheroines of extremely low stature receive Earth-bound assignments. Those who prosper in this venue can sometimes advance to more important outposts. Others fall completely off the radar, effectively relinquishing their intergalactic capabilities. An eery phone call received by Lady Diana in late 2025 prompts her to check the official database of crimefighters. She enters the name "Dark Justice" and watches as the hologram of a statuesque, blonde superheroine materializes in front of her. After spinning the image and examining it from every angle Lady Diana reads a brief synopsis about the subject's questionable parentage, difficult upbringing, and checkered career. She reclines in her chair and ponders the fate of this troubled individual. After much consideration the High Priestess decides to summon Dark Justice to headquarters and hear what she has to say for herself..

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Domination Hour

Your buddies cheer your good fortune when a hot blonde with big tits sidles up to the bar and engages you in conversation. They watch with growing envy as she lingers for nearly an hour and then asks for a ride home. In the parking lot it excites you when she grabs your keys and commandeers your vehicle. You stare at her rapt expression and amazing body as she steps on the gas, skillfully manipulates the gear shift, and powers through the night. Soon street lights are commingling with twinkling stars inside your mind. A glittering vortex of oblivion awaits you.. (Shot entirely in the POV perspective Domination Hour stars Mistress Tanya Danielle and contains supernatural elements which may transport you to another dimension or else cancel out your pathetic existence altogether. Strap on your cock ring and grab your ball sack, Slave 102. Can you survive bondage, genital torture and a castration device? If so, you will also have to perfect such important skills as boot worship, toe sucking, asshole licking, orgasm on command, and cum eating.)